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What Is the Difference Between Lawn Trimming and Edging?

Oct 29

Two little details are essential to make a beautiful landscape stand out. They are trimming and edging. If you neglect these tasks, your yard won't have the same finesse as a landscape with sharp edges and blurry curb appeal. The landscape professionals at Cooper Landscape LLC will tell you that lawn trimming is the best way to fix common landscape problems.

So what is the difference between them?

  • The horizontal cutting of the lawn is used to remove grass and weeds from areas where your mower cannot reach or injure plants.
  • The vertical cuts made by edging are used to define borders and walkways.

Which equipment do you want?

String trimmers are used for lawn trimming. They can quickly and easily remove weeds, grasses, and other vegetation around mailboxes and fences. There are many types of string trimmers, including corded and uncorded models that can be powered by either gas, electricity, or batteries. If you have a small yard and require minimal trimming, a battery-powered trimmer is the best choice.

Most edging tasks require the use of automated edgers. However, if you have a small garden, you can use a manual or half-moon edger to do the job.

Tips And Techniques

Lawn trimming

  • For a uniform appearance, match the height of the grass and any weeds that you have cut with a trimmer with the height of your grass. Do not trim the grass with a clipper.
  • For safety, keep the string length at the guard's edge.
  • Eye protection is essential when using a trimmer. To protect your legs and feet from flying debris, wear long pants and shoes.
  • The string of the trimmer should not touch the bark, stems, trunks, branches, or roots of plants. While trimming the lawn, nicking plants can cause wounds that could allow pests and diseases to enter the plants.
  • A string trimmer that has an automatic feed will allow you to adjust the string without stopping often.


  • When edging along a hard surface such as a driveway or sidewalk, place the wheel of your edger on the floor to guide you as you trim the grass.
  • Plastic edging should not be done with an edger. It will cause the plastic to shatter and cut.
  • Wear eye protection whenever you use an edger, shoes, or boots. Long pants are recommended to protect your legs and feet from flying debris.
  • To make a vertical cut of 1-1/2 inches or more in the soil, use the edger's knife.
  • An edger can be used to create a line in your yard to place a new flower bed.
  • Use caution when using an edger near plant roots. The edger can cause severe root damage that could injure the plant.

Cleaning and Storage

  • To keep the blades sharp and prevent rusting, store tools in a dry place. Before storing tools, wipe the blades or brush them clean. The right care will prolong the life of your tools.
  • Lawn trimming and edging tools are only half of the job. To complete the manicure, make sure you remove all trimmings from your lawn and hardscapes.

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