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Can I remove a tree myself?

Oct 25


Tree removal is an option that many people enjoy, but must be done under certain conditions. These are some clever DIY tips for tree removal. For more detail about tree removal, also read our Tree Removal on Budget Guide

DIY Tree Removal

It's possible to do the job yourself if the tree is not too large to reach from a ladder. However, it is a good idea to get advice from a certified tree removal company before you start the project. Here are some tips for when you're ready and able to tackle the project.


  1. Assess the situation. Remove any fallen branches and check if the tree leans towards one side. It is more likely to fall on the side that it leans.


  1. Calculate the fall zone and then clear it. Given the unpredictable nature of fallen trees, you must be prepared for anything. Clear the branches, and create two escape routes.


  1. To make it easier to dig the soil, keep water around the tree the day prior to you start digging.


  1. Wear proper gear. Wear proper gear, including gloves, earplugs, and helmets.


  1. Take measurements of your tree trunk. To reach the root system, dig 6 inches for every inch. The roots will extend beyond the canopy. These measurements will allow you to start digging around your tree.


  1. Place a notch along the trunk where you want the tree to fall. The top should be cut first, followed by the bottom. As a guideline, mark a line connecting each notch on both ends. The back cut should be parallel with the notch's top. Next, make the felling cuts.


  1. Pull the saw away from the tree when it starts to lean. Then, head towards one of your escape routes. Be sure to keep an eye on the tree so that you can respond if it falls in the right way. Never look away from a fallen tree.


  1. A lookout is a trusted friend. It will make you feel safer and more secure if there is someone nearby who can keep an eye on falling branches and let you know when it starts to fall.


  1. If the tree is not small enough, you can remove the root ball. You can use leverage to lift the ball. If you are planning to transplant the tree, make sure the roots remain intact. For disposal, you can use a chainsaw to cut it.


  1. When the tree is larger, you can begin to remove branches. Start at the bottom, and work your way up. You can also cut the trunk into pieces that are easier to haul or use for firewood.